A new innovative, sustainable community is coming to Newmarket!

Council adopted Official Plan Amendment 32 directs the creation of a new, complete community in southwest Newmarket that will not only meet the needs of its residents by providing easy access to a range of housing, stores and services, parks and natural open space, trails and public transportation but also advances innovation for resilient communities, sustainable homes, and environmental protection.

OPA 32 established that a portion of the lands within Shining Hill are suitable for a new residential community subject to the preparation of a Secondary Plan to guide land use, community design and infrastructure requirements.

OPA 32 requires that the Shining Hill Secondary Plan be founded on the following three guiding principles:

  1. Provide Housing Affordability through a mix of housing types, sizes, tenures, and ownership models.
  2. Address Climate Change through environmentally progressive housing and sustainable design approaches.
  3. Reduce car dependency through Community Focused Design.

Shining Hill has initiated a joint Secondary Plan and Municipal Class Environmental Assessment that will establish a collector road system and provide land use policy guidance to create this new innovative community. The pillars of the Shining Hill Secondary Plan will require that development of the new community to:

  1. Protect and enhance the natural environment
  2. Build a compact, complete and diverse community
  3. Promote efficient development patterns and standards
  4. Strive for design excellence through intentional place-making and urban design
  5. Plan for active mobility options including complete streets
  6. Set high standards for sustainability, waste reduction, and conservation

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